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Gemma Price
Lost 20lbs in 3 Months

"Before Life Transformer I was unhappy, depressed and my mood was always negative because of my appearance. I knew exactly what I needed to do with exercise and eating but the missing piece of the jigsaw for me was being surrounded by incredible women and the wealth of knowledge from Tara.
Life Transformer isn’t about a quick fix, it's change of lifestyle, it’s about relationships, mindset, sleep and creating healthy habits for life.
I’ve lost 20lbs in just under 3 months. I've improved confidence, self esteem and I'm happier. I can put my old jeans on and not spend half an hour stressing about how I look, I can wear sleeveless tops, I can run 5k and I'm sleeping better.  
Most of all, I have the self confidence to walk out my door and just be happy"

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What's Included in Life Transformer

Weekly Live Coaching and Support with Tara
Every week I personally make myself available to you directly for support and the weekly Life Transformer coaching session on Zoom. Our weekly group coaching call covers a different area of focus, from eating healthy, to exercise and also managing relationships, reducing your stress levels and staying in control of your emotions. We also do a live Q and A session with Tara, where you can ask here anything and each call is recorded to our members area and available on demand.

Life Transformer Healthy Eating Blueprint
Learn how easy it is to eat healthy and nutrition food that supports your weight loss goals. I'll also show you also how easy it is to stop feeling guilty about food, and how to start feeling and looking fabulous, while still enjoying the foods you love. (yes even the naughty ones). Plus unlike some well know weight loss solutions, we will never ever make you feel guilty when you fall off the wagon. With all the pressures life brings, it’s easy to miss a workout or order a pizza instead of preparing a healthy meal and that's ok. Let's be honest sometimes, you just need chocolate in your life and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Life Transformer Healthy Habit & Behaviour Blueprint
I'll show you how to take small steps to creating powerful daily healthy habits so you can reach your goals faster and become unstoppable. You'll learn how to control your emotional responses to food and alcohol and break free from the negative behaviours that make you feel like you're out of control. We'll help you develop a positive mindset, no matter what’s going on around you.

Life Transforming Accountability, Daily Check Ins and Support
Most women never lose the weight they want and give up because they try to do it on their own and they fail to prioritise their health and fitness. With all the busyness and pressure in other areas of your life, trying to make positive lifestyle changes without daily support and being kept accountable to your goals is impossible. With daily check-ins and personal accountability and group support, you’ll be making positive and permanent lifestyle changes in no time. Plus I'll make sure to keep you accountable and moving toward your goals, instead of failing, giving up and constantly having to start again.

The Life Transformer #TI12 Fitness System and Workout Library
Exclusive access to my powerful do anywhere 12 minute workouts. I know you're busy, which is why my Transform in 12 workouts are quick AND super effective for fast fat loss. Scientifically designed to get you results in the shortest possible time. They’re also suitable for ANY fitness level and you can do them with your kids no matter how old they are. Plus whether you’re new to exercise or if you’ve tried exercise before - I’ve got you covered.

Life Transformer Meal Plans and Recipes
You’ll get instant and full access to my ENTIRE collection of simple, healthy weight loss recipes. Nutritious and tasty food that’s easy to prepare, will keep you fuller for longer AND will help you reach your weight loss goals faster. You'll never have to think about what’s healthy and what isn’t. Plus you can choose from a range of fully customizable weight loss meal plans and delicious family recipes to support your goals, no matter how much of fussy eater you might be.

The Life Transformer Support Group 
A private members area so you get access to UNLIMITED COACHING with me and my team, plus ​you’ll be part of a positive, empowering and SUPPORTIVE group of women to help will keep you motivated and on track every single day. I encourage Life Transformer Community to push each other towards their goals and support each other when they have a wobble. Many of my Life Transformers have made new friends for life and discovered that there ARE other women out there dealing with the same challenges they are.